About Paws Positive Dog Training

The Truth is that a lot of dog training involves dogs being forced to do as they are told. They do as they are told because they have no other choice and because they might feel scared not to. For this reason, the training can often fail and the relationship can be damaged! Some dogs can even shut down and look like a very obedient dog, but they are unhappy and behavioural issues can then arise later.

Imagine if your dog was so connected to you that training felt like you were having a great conversation with your best friend!
My training includes life changing online learning where you will learn to understand and communicate with your dog! This will build the true connection and trusting relationship that will create real life change!

Hi, I'm Helen Moran 
FdSc Canine Behaviour & Training

I have over 20 years experience working with dogs, I've worked in vets and rescue centres, and I studied canine behaviour and training at Bishop Burton college in Hull. I am an approved dog trainer for a charity called Veterans with dogs, training assistance dogs to support veterans with PTSD.      

I took on my Springer spaniel Jazzy when she was 9 months old, she had not been socialised or trained at all, because of this she reacted fearfully towards people by trying to chase them away. Jazzy showed me that without first building a trusting relationship there was no real way of training. Although she has passed away, she will always be my inspiration.  I am passionate about helping people to understand and connect with their dogs.    

I took on both my dogs when they were in Adolescence (between the age 4 months & 2 years old) neither had been socialised and both were Reactive. I understand how difficult it is to live with dogs that are challenging. I also know how important it is to navigate these areas correctly to stop behaviours from getting worse!

I offer complete training packages that focus on the root cause of behaviour not the symptoms, helping to change the dogs’ emotions that drive their behaviour. You will not only learn how to understand and communicate with your dog, but also how to implement effective  positive training solutions. All my training is force free and builds an amazing connection between you and your dog, which will create real life change! 

I now have a Romanian street dog named Sky, I took her on at 6 months old, she was born in a Romanian shelter and spent her first 6 months there! She is teaching me a lot of new lessons! Sky has a lot of behavioural issues, she can be reactive, guard her food and me! Some of her issues are due to being raised in a shelter without any socialisation, and some are due to her being genetically anxious.

Sky also has a musculoskeletal compromise, pain is very often the cause of behavioural issues.  Dogs will hide their pain making it difficult to rule this out as a contributor. Sky's issues are not things that can be simply fixed, they are greatly improved through regular training that builds her confidence, pain relief and activities that teach her to be mindful and help her to relax.    

Living with a dog with behavioural issues is not easy, especially when you have two young children.  I have found that it has helped me to connect with people going through similar difficulties with their own dogs. This understanding brings huge positive advantages when supporting people and their dogs with their mindsets, as well as their training plans.

Paws Positive Dog Training will help to improve the quality of life for both you and your dog!

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